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Meet your personal AI sidekick

Instant clean up for the perfect picture

Remove objects, people, text from any image with a simple brush stroke

Transform a scene with a click

Instantly change any image background

Create at the speed of thought

Make images with just words

Paint with your imagination

Draw anything anywhere by just describing it

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With every image edited, we put more power in the hands of the people.





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    Other amazing tools at Magic Studio

    Magic Eraser

    Remove objects, people, text from photos

    Background Remover

    Remove backgrounds, add coloured backgrounds

    AI Image Generator

    Create pictures from text, with AI

    Image Upscaler

    Increase size up to 4K without loosing quality

    Background Blur

    Professional looking photos with blur effect

    AI Art Generator

    Create Art and Graphics with AI

    HEIC to JPG Converter

    Convert HEIC (iPhone) photos to JPG

    WEBP to PNG Converter

    Convert WEBP Files to PNG

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    Get noticed, with stunning photos. Ready in 90 minutes, no photographer needed.

    Insta Headshots

    Create stunning product-photos, in minutes with AI

    Save time and money. Get winning product photos at the click of a button.