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Studio 1.0

Powered by AI, Created by You

A magic wand for your pictures

Insta Headshots

AI Headshot Generator

Turn your selfies into professional business photos

The Product Photos Edition

Create amazing Product Photos in minutes, not days

Goodbye to expensive photoshoots

Magic Eraser

Remove unwanted objects, people, text in seconds

Upload, select the bit you need removed, erase, download

Background Remover

Remove backgrounds, automatically, in seconds

Upload, automatic background removal, download with or without a coloured background

AI Image Generator

Create images from text using AI in seconds using AI in seconds

Express yourself by describing a scene or picture, try multiple variations instantly

Image Upscaler

Upscale and enlarge any image upto 4K without losing quality

Upload, select the size you want, download

Photo Booth

Trendy profile pictures with AI

Profile Pictures that make you look awesome!

Background Blur

Blur Backgrounds using AI in seconds

Upload, download with the background automatically blurred.

AI Art Generator

AI Art Generator : Transform Text into Art in Seconds

Type your description, watch AI create from your imagination.